Vasuda Bangalore, M.S., BCBA, LBA (Owner/Board Certified Behavior Analyst)

Vasuda Bangalore, M.S., BCBA, LBA

(Owner/Board Certified Behavior Analyst)

Ms.Vasuda Bangalore is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that has over seven years of experience working with children in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, in-home, community, and clinics. 

In 2013, she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As an undergraduate, she participated in internships and volunteer projects where she worked with clients with developmental disabilities. This furthered her interest in the field and led to a pursuit of graduate education in Psychology. 

In May of 2013, Vasuda received a graduate assistantship to attend the University of Louisiana at Monroe. As a graduate assistant, she taught undergraduate psychology courses, participated in several research projects, and attended conferences that allowed her to learn more about the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. During Fall of 2014, she began her BCBA supervision field work  and graduated with her Master of Science in Psychology.

After obtaining her graduate education, Vasuda completed her BCBA fellowship in Huntsville, Alabama at The Riley Behavioral and Educational Center. She successfully obtained her BCBA certification in Fall 2016 and began working as a clinician in Augusta, Georgia. In early 2017, she returned to Huntsville to develop an ABA program that focuses on generalization and natural environment training for clients with autism and related developmental disabilities.

Vasuda enjoys meeting new faces and supports a holistic treatment approach. She believes that collaboration between caregivers, siblings, educators, and other paraprofessionals leads to more effective outcomes. She looks forward to celebrating every accomplishment with her entire team and her families!

Ms. Alicia Leslie Jackson (ABA Program Supervisor/BCBA)


Alicia Jackson, is a native of Huntsville, AL and now resides with her husband in Madison, AL. In August 2002, Alicia began her college education at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology (2006) and a Master's degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development (2010)

In March 2012, she joined the field of Applied Behavior Analysis with employment at the Riley Behavioral and Developmental Center in the ABA Outpatient Clinic Program. Alicia transitioned to the Riley Center Early Education program (at Asbury Methodist Church) in August 2012 and enjoyed working as a classroom therapist, in-home therapist, and social skills enrichment instructor. In a very short time, Alicia discovered her true passion and purpose…working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders.

In 2013, Alicia enrolled in St. Joseph's University and completed a post master's program in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and in July 2015, obtained her BCBA. At that time, Alicia was promoted to the position of Early Education Administrator and Behavior Consultant. She has almost 6 years of experience as a classroom therapist, in-home therapist, social skills enrichment instructor, supervisor, and administrator. Currently, Alicia is employed as an ABA Program Supervisor for Inquiring Minds BDS, LLC. She loves working with children to help them learn, grow, and reach their full potential and also enjoys working with dedicated team members who share the same passion!

Ashley Hix (Registered Behavior Technician)

Ms. Ashley Hix holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the prestigious Tuskegee University. Currently, Ashley is furthering her education at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University with a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology. Upon graduation, Ashley plans to pursue the Applied Behavior Analysis certification.  Her previous experience with children include working as an Infant/Toddler teacher at various locations in the Huntsville area. She was also a substitute teacher, working with special needs children.

In her spare time, Ashley loves to be with family and friends, going to yard sales, and couponing. She also loves to work with children on homework assignments and projects. Ashley’s daily goal is to make a difference, not only in her life, but in the lives of others.

Kelsey McElroy (Registered Behavior Technician)

Ms. Kelsey McElroy holds her Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  In 2015, she became a Certified Specialist of Psychometry.  She has worked with children and adults of all ages as a psychometrist and under the supervision of Dr. Megan Crisler, is trained in the administration of gold standard measures used for diagnosis of ASD, such as the ADOS-2.  She is additionally skilled in the administration of most common psychological and neuropsychological measures.  Being a psychological technician has given Kelsey a unique perspective and led to her interest in applied behavior analysis, as ABA approaches have led to increased compliance and performance across many evaluations and clinical experiences. Fall 2017, Kelsey began earning her certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (BCBA concentration) from the Florida Institute of Technology and is excited to expand her skill base, knowledge of assessment, and treatment approaches for children and adults. 

Kelsey feels that it is very important to keep up with current research, and enjoys going to conferences and presentations in order to utilize best practices in her field.  Her previous research experience involved (learning and retention of words). Kelsey has significant interest in child behavior, and she particularly loves to work with toddlers and young children. She is notably skilled at helping nervous children feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations.  For the last two years, she has helped Dr. Crisler facilitate social skills groups for teens and young adults with ASD, along with other neurodevelopmental differences.  

In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys going on runs with her dog, playing board games, and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters.    

Catherine Efford (Registered Behavior Technician)


Ms. Catherine graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in the areas of Early Childhood Special Education, and Human Development and Family Studies. She moved to Huntsville three years ago from Birmingham, AL. Catherine has experience working as a preschool teacher and a Special Education Paraprofessional. Catherine has a passion for helping others to succeed and grow in all aspects of life by helping them master goals that allow them to be the best they can be.

In her spare time, Catherine likes to read, go to the park, and spend time with her friends and family.

Jacob Doss (Registered Behavior Technician)


Mr. Jacob Doss graduated with his Master’s Degree in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2012, but recently completed a post-graduate re-specialization program in ABA at the same academic institution. Jacob completed his undergraduate studies at Birmingham-Southern College in 2004, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He has over seven years of experience providing therapeutic services to varied client populations in multiple settings, including out-patient substance abuse services, criminal populations, and those with severe mental illness in group homes and residential environments. During this time he served as Director of Residential Services for Walker and Winston counties, overseeing the daily operation of three group homes and one set of supervised apartments. His duties also included screening clients from both Bryce Hospital and North Alabama Regional Hospital for potential placement in these community residential environments. Most recently, Jacob worked as a therapist for clients committed by probate courts or the Alabama Department of Mental Health to a transitional crisis residential unit for stabilization prior to returning to the community. Despite this extensive experience in the field of mental health treatment and program management, Jacob recognized the need for increased measurability and individualization in the services provided to his clients. This prompted his return to graduate studies and introduction to the science of ABA.    

Jacob currently resides in Cullman with his wife, Callie, and three children. Callie is a practicing clinical herbalist, owner of Vox Herba Apothecary, and soon-to-be graduate from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.Together, they homeschool their three children. Jacob is passionate about psychology, behavior analysis, and applying these fields and methods to help improve the lives of others. In his limited free time, Jacob enjoys playing various musical instruments, collecting vintage books, growing bonsai trees, traveling, and spending quality time with his family.

Ms. Holly Burrow (Registered Behavior Technician) 

Ms. Holly Burrow (Registered Behavior Technician) 


Mrs. Holly Burrow is enrolled in Athens State University where she is working towards her Bachelors of Behavior Science with a minor in Autism & Developmental Disabilities. She lives in Pulaski, TN with her husband and two sons, one of whom has Autism. Her passion is to help parents and children through Applied Behavior Analysis as she and her child was helped during their ABA therapy.

In her spare time Mrs. Holly likes to read and enjoys going on adventures with her family and friends. 

Sarisa Willoughby (Registered Behavior Technician) 



Ms. Sarisa Willoughby holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her experience working with children includes, volunteering as a children's summer camp counselor with her church, volunteering with Maker's Child, a church based ministry for children with special needs and their families. Her experience also includes, representing the UAB TRIP Lab at safety seminars in North and Central Alabama, sharing information about the dangers of distracted driving to the youth of local high schools. Sarisa plans to further her education by pursuing her Masters degree in ABA Therapy in the near future.