• List your concerns

Examples Include:

- Unable to make eye contact or avoids making eye contact with other individuals

- Unable to respond to name

- Unable to track items (preferred and/or non-preferred)

- Unable to show affection towards caregivers

- Unable to initiate and engage in play with others  

- Unable to use common gestures like waving and pointing

- Unable to follow simple one-step instructions

- Delay in communication ( At 6 months is unable to make sounds and at 12 months is unable to say single words)

  • Make an appointment with a qualified health care professional in your area to discuss concerns

Healthcare professionals include Psychologists and Medical Doctor

  • Call YOUR insurance company to determine coverage

(Insurance is NOT required for services. Private pay options are available)

  •  If covered, request authorization for ABA services from YOUR insurance company

Some insurance companies like TriCare require caregivers to request an authorization where as others allow providers to obtain the information. Please contact us if you require assistance in requesting authorization for services. 

  • Set-up an in-take appointment 

  • Determine the type of service needed

Do you require services in-clinic, in-home, or in the community? We recommend choosing a combination of settings (all three/ in-clinic and in-home/ in-clinic and community/ in-home and community).  This helps ensure generalization of skills across a variety of settings.

  • Determine the place/time for therapy

  • Begin therapy

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